Te Reo Māori With Whanau Life & Business

Is Māori Tikanga part of your Business and Whanau Life? How do you contribute to Māori tikanga in your home to support your whanau?

Te Reo Māori me ona tikanga is a very important aspect in our life. Our children breathe te reo māori everyday and we learn more about kaupapa māori in everything we do through karakia, waiata, korero and attending regular marae hui/events. Our tamariki attend Kohanga Reo & Kura Kaupapa Māori, with dreams to further their education at Wānanga at an older age. We as parents are well involved with our local kohanga and kura, speaking as much te reo maori as possible where ever we are. Since we have been living in Te Araroa our lives have changed for the better with te reo maori me ona tikanga being the centre of our everyday life. 

Whats the best way to learn?

  1. Te Ataarangi Classes help! There are tutors in your community or town who will spend time during the week to sit with you to help you understand. Kaua e whakama! Dont be Shy! Just go, trust me!
  2. Spending time in Kohanga Reo & Kura Kaupapa does help! Sit with your children and practice talking to them, they are much less judge mental if you say something wrong. Join the local Committee Boards, attend regular hui and involve yourself.
  3. Label everything in your house with a post it note with the māori words/descriptions written on them. Even our dogs name is Pēpi.
  4. Make afternoons 'Reo Only' to help and encourage everybody to kōrero māori instead of english. The amount of reo you can hear being spoken everyday in māori kaupapa environments is your free way of learning your language.
  5. From experience I believe Te Reo starts within the heart and the home. If you are like I was...a parent who sends their kids to maori learning centres and knows nothing to do with Maori Culture at all ---> There is no use having your children attend a Māori Kaupapa Centre, when you can't support their learning at home. GET INVOLVED in Te Reo Māori me ona Tikanga to help each other. 
  6. KIA KAHA! Application and dedication is key. 


(Text on our Honey Jars to Thank our supporters)
'Nei te aroha e rere atu i a tātou te whānau o Te Tairawhiti ki a koutou, hei oranga mō te aō katoa.'
'This is our thanks from our family on the east coast, healthy living for the world.'
TAONGA NO AOTEAROA - Gift from New Zealand
KAIRAWHITI - Food from the East
MĪERE - Honey
MĀNUKA - A wild medicinal plant endemic to New Zealand